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Nokton 42,5mm f0.95 is singing in the rain!

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Em5 with the Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 @f0.95, hand held.

Not easy shooting a running horse with manual focus and f0.95 😛

Got a couple of frames right though. Moore then i anticipated 🙂


Nokton 17.5 goes Brazil. And make it out alive.

Brass-2 Brass-3 Brass-4 Brass-1


So i just got back from Rio de janeiro, and my Om-d+Nokton 17.5 made it back, aparrently they steal everything thats not bolted down. Especially cameras 😛

3rd pic, not wide open, perhaps f2.8 or f3.2. the rest wide open. 2nd one, loads of purple CA.


Köpp, köpp.


Em-5 + Nokton 42.5mm f0.95, @f0.95, 1/640, iso 200.


Em-5 + Nokton 42.5mm f0.95, @f0.95, 1/500, iso 250.


Em-5 + Nokton 42.5mm f0.95, @f0.95, 1/640, iso 200.

Shot with OM-D EM-5 +Cosina Voigtländer Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 in RAW in avalible light, edited in Lightroom and PS. Colors and sharpness is “corrected”, vinjetting added.



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