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Toughest of the Tough.



Todays toughest.

Sony a7r + Fe55 1.8

My A7r made it through the rain and mudfest at todays Toughrace 2016. It was really fun to watch al the heros make their way through the course. Noticed another thing today, there is a pretty big lag from when you hit the shutter button until it actually shoot. Kind of not so nice for this kind of shooting. But i managed to get some good shots today, dispite the weather. At one point the camera actually could´nt focus on anything but the rain, it was pouring down!


Citodon morning with the FE 55 1.8

Fe55-morron-2 Fe55-morron

A7r + Fe55 1.8

I love this lens more and more. The CA is in most cases well under control. And the Sharpness and microcontrast is great. Havent really missed that its not f1.4 at all, or at least very little.

Thanks to the quality of the sharpness everything pops anyways! 🙂

The A7r+fe28+fe55 is really nifty combo to bring/use!

Sharpness: Sony Fe 55 f1.8 vs Samyang 50 f1.4 vs Minolta MC 50 f1.4

1 vs vs2 vs3


We´ll, dont know how satisfied i am with this “test”. My guess is that the Sony Fe 55 missed focus slightly on the F8 shot (The branch in front of the sign is more in focus on the Sony shot). The Minolta has no doubt the best center sharpness at f8, between these shots atleast.

Apart from that the Sony Fe 55mm f1.8 win on all fronts (wideopen). We´ll perhaps not shortest DOF in the first shot, the other 2 are f1.4 the Sony beeing f1.8.

As far as sharpness wideopen goes, the Sony wins. Contrast seems pretty much on pair with the Samyang (but the Sony is better 🙂 ), the Minolta lacks pretty heavy in that area. Wideopen the Minolta also got that Strange “Vail”. Same milky layer as the Canon 50mm f1.8 has wideopen if you ever used that lens.

The f1.4 of the other blurs the background just slightly more than the Sony, if you look at the numbers in the background the are more obvious, partly because of the better contrast of the Sony but also due to the longer dof of the Sony.

(its says f1.8~2 because the other 2 dont have an f stop for f1.8 so its somewhere between f1.8 and f2)

Thats it for now 🙂

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