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Citodon morning with the FE 55 1.8

Fe55-morron-2 Fe55-morron

A7r + Fe55 1.8

I love this lens more and more. The CA is in most cases well under control. And the Sharpness and microcontrast is great. Havent really missed that its not f1.4 at all, or at least very little.

Thanks to the quality of the sharpness everything pops anyways! 🙂

The A7r+fe28+fe55 is really nifty combo to bring/use!

First day with Sony Fe 55mm f1.8

3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14As you can probably tell, there is plenty of sharpness. I have read alot of rewievs tough, that says there is no or little CA. i would not agree. there is CA in alot of the pics. The picture of my grandma for example. Look at the crop of her glasses, its tack sharp, but there is CA in there. Aswell as in the crop from the sign, there is little CA around the letters in the sticker.

But contrast and sharpness is great! and the lens is lighter then i expected 🙂 And it looks damn good on the A7r!



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