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Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95 Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95 Nokton 42.5mm @f0.95 At last a Nokton post! Havent been doing alot of “creative” photography lately, so the Pana 12-32mm haven been alot easier to bring. Hence the lack of Nokton shots in my … Continued


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  Yeahhh, more skis (sorry about that) :p Baged 999 meters today 🙂 Despite the crappy weather and snowconditions! Just got my boots back from the shop, almost perfect now, they pushed the toe out alittle. My bigger foot needs a … Continued

Dyna Deer

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    So we got some snow! 😀  And its almost gone 🙁 Kind of got some skiing done before its totally gone though! Winters in mid sweden generally sucks. Forced the deer on to our lawn for a photo … Continued

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