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This one is alot of layers in Ps. 3.2Gb file. 100Gb Projekt. 10% of my total HD space :p 

Shot all the pics myself using either the a7r or a7ii with Sony fe 50mm f1.8 @f5.6 – f9 🙂

Nissin i700a as lightsource.

Magic mushrooms



Biggest/most advanced compostition i´we made so far. 10-15 pics and 50-60 adjustmentlayers/masks ? 2,09GB file size in PS.

Shot on Sony a7r + Fe 50mm f1.8 with nissin Air Commander and a couple DI 700A

Its raing köpp, Amen!


So here is the picture entering the “KöppWarz” competition and the timelaps ( i know its lame 😛 ) with some sort of insight to how i made the shot. Shot @f0.95 with the EM-5 + Nokton 17.5mm on a tripod, with cable trigger set on 3sec laps. made a couple of hundred shots, maybe this shot is composed out of 15 pictures total. Created in Photoshop, mostly used layers with masks and some dodge and burn, blurred some of the cups a little extra to push them back a little. And finally some highpass to add some sharpness. Clothes are made out of some crap-ass mask i bought and spray painted black and coffee bean bags. And im kind of ashamed to say i did not use realy coffee for this shot, the “coffee” flying around in the shot is actually Coke:/ Didnt have time to brew and bring Coffee so… lets just hope it wont happen again.


Edit: i won! 🙂 1-0 – johan eric lökensson


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