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Dyna Deer

Deer Deer2 Dyna-ARG Dyna-ARG2 Nybro



So we got some snow! 😀  And its almost gone 🙁 Kind of got some skiing done before its totally gone though! Winters in mid sweden generally sucks.

Forced the deer on to our lawn for a photo shoot, easiest place to find food i guess 🙂


And for the pics.

Top 2 shots: em5+nokton 42.5mm f0.95 @f0.95 1/400 ISO 200 (The slight milky Canon 50mm f1.8 II feel is due to the dirty window im shooting through, most apparent in shot 2)

Shot 3:  em5+nokton 42.5mm f0.95 @f0.95 1/125 ISO 2000 (only light source is the ceiling lamp, pitch black ouside)

Shot 4: em5+nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @f0.95 1/125 ISO 2000 (only light source is the ceiling lamp, pitch black ouside)

Shot 5 : em5+samyang 7.5mm f3.5 @f3.5 1/200 ISO 200



Dyanfit-1-web Dyanfit-2-web Dyanfit-3 Dyanfit-4 Dyanfit-5


Finally i mustered the curage to mount my Radical ST with inserts to my Automatics. I have been gnawing that bone fore a couple of months now. 😛

With some help from the good eye of my girlfriend Sofia they mounted perfeclty straight.

So lets hope their is no problems lurking undernieth awaiting me when i hit the mountain.


So as the epoxy is curing im going to enjoy my well deserved celebratory Köpp!  (coffee!) 🙂


Pics taken with em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @f0.95 – f1.2


Wildsnow tutorail for mounting dynafit bindings:


For Radical (No “center hole”) binding template visit:

For Dyanfit binding with “center hole”:




Dolly!!! :)




Finally i finished my Dolly and track! The thumb has been sitter there. well now its free. The carrige runs on a little elctric motor powerd by an AAA battery.

The track is about 170cm and it takes the camera 7min to get from side to side. Total cost is around 70 Us dollars.

(counting rail and waggon) not the tripods and “interwallomter” or whatever its called.

Its size and weight is about the same as the Em-5 without lens.


Video is shot with Samyang 7.5 and Voigtländer 17.5 & 42.5

Dont know what i did, but i messed up the Timelpase quality pretty bad when editing. I dont know much about settings for video. Sigh.

The focus “shifting” parts of the video is shot on cv 42.5. Most of the timelpase with 7.5mm, exept for the part showing the front of the trailer, thats the CV 17.5mm.


Well thats it for today! Lalters.


Mixing Noktons Coffee break.

coffee-missile-175 fence-425 fence-not-425 fia-2-nokton-425 Fia-Nokton-175-web lady-nokton-425-web moped-425-web nokton-425-at56 nokton-mixing-175web nokton-mixing-425-web nokton-nokton-175 pedal-nokton-425 termos-web-175Here is a bunch of Images from earlier today. Took our bikes for a ride to the “view point” (we also had to walk and travel by farry) Great  day, great Coffee! Nice with some sun and warmth in the atumn gloom.

All but the one with the “springy thing” is whot wide open, the “springy thing” is shot at f5.6. Stoped down, The Noktons are flawless (“pretty much yeah”). Click the pictures and the topic will say “175” or “425” depending on the lens used. Sprayed away at 10fps to catch the guy on his moped. Luckaly he slowed down as he was passing, he pushed that thing to atleast 100kmh (im guessing) a little further down the road. Not just original parts i supose. 🙂

Other then that, nothing major to report. Tack sharp, nice bokeh. Awesome leneses.


Shot with Either Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 or Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 and Em-5. with either B+W UV and/or ND filters.




Nokton 425

hey-hey-hey-425-web bike-425-web ca2r-425-web car-425-web fishy-2-425-web fishy-4-web fishy-425-web


So here is finally a post, have been working for a few days and i havent worked up to shoting/posting. CA keeps accuring. But the most apparent thing i have noticed over the last few days is that there is alot less Coma then the 17.5mm has. and its definitely sharper aswell. Have had the CV 42.5mm f0.95 for 3weeks now? And its really awesome. Sure some CA, which i have been bitching about, that goes for both the 17.5 & 42.5.

Well, to sum up so far. Its sharp (even wideopen). slightly sharper then the 17.5, it has alot less coma then the 17.5. Colors are better (not alot), bokeh looks pretty much the same (good) its alittle smaler, 3D pop feeling is better. And on the down side? Well nothing really…


And about the images. Shot wideopen with the Em.5 + Nokton 42.5mm f0.95, hld6 (first part)

Got super lucky nailing that fish on the fly @f0.95. Took it at the weekly fishing competition in Torsång. Man those old men/ladies can haul some fish! The rest of the pics are shot at random places around “town”.




a Few casual Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 shots from today :)

nokton-425-dog-web dog-425-crop-2-web dog-425-web highland-425-web nokton-425-crop-web nokton-425-dogfight-web


Do you know what kind of brand the man has on his glasses. I had no idea befor i zoomed in as i was sharpening the picture in Lightroom (Ray-Ban right? 🙂 ). Pretty awesome how much detail the em-5 packs in to these 16mpix shots from the Voigtländer 42.5! Pretty desecent level of detail and sharpnes in the dog crop aswell.

It really makes the subjekts popp in the pictures, thats really the biggest benefit of FF (In my opinion) Sure u got higher light seneitivity,iso performance and all that. But what makes alot of the pictures beautiful is, the magic of “popp”. And the Noktons got “popp” (!)

Pretty good shooting situations in all these shots so no really much to complain about in these pics. I think the level of detail/sharpness is the subjekt for this post!


Well, laters!


The mentaly insane need their Coffee!

insane-bathtub-webVisited the abandoned mental asylum in Säter a couple of days ago. “Säters fasta paviliong”. (more shots below) It has been closed for a few years now and is slowly withering away with some help from vandalism.

This shot i composed out of 10? shots, all taken with em-5 + Notkon 17.5 @0.95 on a tripod with a cable trigger set at 2sec intervalls. Put together in Photoshop with layers and layer masks.

“The mentaly insane need their Coffee!” was my original thought behind this shot.

Kind of creepy going in to that tub knowing that poeple have been tortured in it over the years. Well, not tourtured, rehabilitated.


Just figured out how to enable comments (i think). So if you feel the urge, dont hesitate to leave something in the box. Im not afraid of critiques, if you feel you want to ponit something out that you think i do wrong. please let me know. Or what ever you want to say about my blog or its entries. (Please) Do it! 🙂

Well now i need my coffee to.


Please come again.




Nokton mix.

olika-Nokton-175-web Olika-nokton-175-webb olika-Nokton-425-web olikaoxo175 olikaoxo-175-webb nokton-425-webb olika-175-web olika-425-webbMy computer have been packed with crap so i havent been able to load my photos to it, bought myself an external harddrive today. Got some shit out of the way!

So here is what managed to select out of the bunch. Its a little bit of both the 17.5mm and 42.5mm. Took these over the last couple of days, on my way to work, in a closed down and abandoned mental asylumn and some random driving around with my car photos. If youre wondering about the text, i started to add some lame text to easier show wich lens i used. But it just looked stupid, so i stoped. So now it looks even more stupid when there is just a few with text. Well well. Pic 1,2,4,5,7 is shot with 17.5mm and thus pic 3,6,8 is shot with 42.5mm.

The foucs ring on my 42.5 is alot slower to move around when im foucsing, i guess thats because its brand new? Dont reallt remember if the 17.5 was any slower new compared to how it is now.

The 42.5 keep devlivering tack sharp images with lots of detail, nice colors,beautiful bokeh and not much to whine about. There isnt really much to say on the bad part, sure it could have a little less CA, but already it does not have much of it. It could be a little sharper. But then i guess your eyes would bleed due the knife sharp images. The Noktons sure could weigh less, but with the weight loss i am pretty sure things like softness,distortion and coma will come along. So i feel the weight is ok to.

It does make the MFT system a little less atractive, Em-5 + oly 45mm 1.8 is alot lighter and a few cm smaler. But it can not produce the same images. “The best camera is the one you bring with you” And i bring this combo alot more often then i did my Pana 14mm f2.5 (55g) and Oly 45mm f1.8 (116g). So for me the extra 700-900 grams? (not shure about the weight difference) that differs from my old kit to my Nokton kit is totally worth it. But i will say that the extra 700g does not go un noticed. If you’re thinking about buying this lens, you should have the weight in mind aswell.

So for me. This is the best camera! I totally love the 17.5& 42.5 combo. the characteristics of the two differs quite alot and they deliver awesome images.


Not shure what the exact f-stop is on pic 2 (pretty shure labled it wrong with  the ugly text). but the rest is shot @f0.95 with:


Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 or Nokton 42.5mm f0.95

B+W ND4 or B+W ND8

Hld6. Awesome grip! (the “first” part of it) the secound part is kind of awkward.




Quick Nokton 42.5 (mostly) post.

nokton-425-ASD-as-asd--webb nokton-425-ASD-as-asd--weeb nokton-425-ASD-ASD-asd-web2 nokton-425-ASD-ASD-asd--web3 nokton-425-ASD-ASD-asd-web5 nokton-425-ASD-ASD-asd-web6 nokton-425-ASD-ASD-asd-web7 starsh-3-web-1200Just a quick “while im eating” post. Adding some shots igot around to edit just as i had to head for work earlier. Just stoping by for a sandwich befor heading out to try and cath some more stars. All shot with 42.5 @f.095 exept the last one wich is shot with Samyang 7.5mm f3.5.




Day 4, Nokton 42.5 “Vs” nokton 17.5

nokton-425-ASD-ASD-42.5 nokton-425-ASD-ASD-2-17.5Here is some sort of comparison between 2 shots, the top one taken with the CV Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 and the bottom taken with CV Nokton 17.5mm f0.95. I have edited both to the best of my abillity.

Color correction,CA, sharpness (i sharpened them equally). Well most things u usually edit. I have tried to make them as equal as possible. And as you can see, they dont differ much at all.

I got some feedback on flickr from a reader! (Yes apparently i atleast got one reader! or perhaps visitor is the correct term 🙂 ) It seems i have given the impression that the 17.5mm is not an awesome lens. And that was never my intention, nor is it the case!

The Nokton 17.5mm f0.95  is totally awesome! Sure it has CA, but so does everylens… if you pixelpeep these 2 images, the 42.5 is slightly sharper, now when cropped and sharpend, you cant tell them apart. The only apparent differens is the FOV (and some contrast on her face, the sun peeped out when i was shooting with the 42.5).

And that is almost all the diffrence there is. BUT the 42.5mm is to my eyes, sharper,has less CA and less distortion. When compared.

At the end of the day. Its not much to whine about, or perhaps nothing at all to whine about. The difference between the 17.5 and the 25 is alot bigger i think, but that is alot of guess work on my part, i have just shot a few pics with the 25. I think Sharpness is towards the low end of what is acceptable. (as far as i could tell from the little i used it) And by that i sharpness @ the biggest aperture. Stopped down they are pretty much flawless, that goes for the 25mm to i guess.

Hope this straighten things out!


Hej svejs.


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