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Nokton 35mm f1.2 II

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Sony a7r + Nokton 35mm f1.2 II

Well i have found a few things out so far. It has CA, not as bad as the MFT version (Nokton 17.5mm f0.95), and the 35mm got vinjetting, problably worse then the 17.5mm.

DOF is no where near the same (obviosly, f0.95~f1.9). The pop you get out of this is far superior to the 17.5mm. Over all image quality is alot less consistent on the 35mm (se pics above). The edge sharpness of the 35mm wideopen, and even stopped down is bad. really bad wide open and rather bad stopped down. Corner sharpness is better then edge sharpness(?), isnt that strange?

I guess that takes care of the bad, the good, is, that its awesome 🙂 Center sharpness is great wideopen (look at the eyelashes). The CA is easy to control in Lightroom if that bothers you.

The Nokton 35mm got that “classic” feel i guess. But that doesnt mean its totally unsharp or crappy, the edges and corner sharpness sure isnt awesome, but in alot of pics it helps with the pop.

And sometimes, its not very good. But if you would learn how to use it. I think it for the most part will be good.

Bokeh is also awesome, not at all as busy as the MFT Noktons. 17.5mm & 42.5mm.

If you correct CA and ad some sharpness apart from the general sharpenings in LR (High pass in PS (1st picture)) you get really poppy and sharp pics.

Colors are also great, the Sony Fe 55mm f1.8 and Fe 28mm f2 tend to be a bit greenish and skin tones isnt quite there i think. But the Nokton 35mm colors are really nice 🙂

The balance of the camera is better with the 35mm, on the em5 its abit front heavy with the Noktons. The a7 + the 35 is more equal in weight.

Well thats all i have the stamina to write for now.


My impression broken down sofar:

@f1.2: Magical shots, great center sharpness. Not so sharp edges or corners, and by edges i mean a good bit into the picture.

@f2: Alot of the imge is really sharp. Corners and edges are alot better.

@f4: Kind like f2, slightly better.

@f8: Tack sharp exept for corners, they are still very soft.

Häj häj häj.

Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 hot-shoe flash

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Made a couple of “Tree mounts” for my flashes a few days ago, so i´we been eger to try them out 🙂

All 4 pics take with Em-5 Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 + 2 ND4 B+W filters to keep shutter at around 160-250/1 when shooting at f0.95 and iso 200.

I used 3 flashes for both pics, with colorfilters (Orange,purple and one without on 1st pic. blue,orange and purple on the last) and Cactus triggers.


Nokton 42,5mm f0.95 is singing in the rain!

gosi-web Vilja-web


Em5 with the Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 @f0.95, hand held.

Not easy shooting a running horse with manual focus and f0.95 😛

Got a couple of frames right though. Moore then i anticipated 🙂


Nokton horsing around

nokton-horinsing3 nokton-horsing-2 nokton-horsing-4 nokton-horsing-5 horsing-1Last night we hade some heavy wind come in, our landlords flagpole and our tomatoes couldnt take it anymore.

Today we went horse trailer riding. Scary shits. I DONT trust those animals.

Funny when they yawn though 🙂


All shot wideopen, the horse with the 17.5 and the rest with the 42.5. With the Em-5

When you edit the pics from the Voigtländers you gotto be somewhat carful with the “clarity”. The somewhat  “busy” character of the bokeh in these lenses tend to be more apparent if you (like me)

prefer to push it quite a bit.

Its better to use clairity in selective ways rather then to use it across the entire frame, if you ask me that is…





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