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Rjuka and Rauland in Norway



rjuka-1rjuka-2 rjuka-3 rjuka-4 rjuka-5 rjuka-6 rjuka-7


So my brother and i took the car for a road trip in serch for snow, Rauland seemed like a good bett. And it was! We got some good snow today!

It was worth the drive! Now we are just passing time…

Here are a few shots, all hand held with Auto ISO. (max iso 2600) All but the one shot out in the snow is shot with the Nokton 17.5mm the exeption is whot with Samyang 7.5mm



Thats it!



Magic hour

magic-peeing-dog-again magic-penis-web Long-magic-penis Magic-crazy-owls-web Magic-dog-poo-web


Tonight me and the mustach ninja from my previous post headed out for some star shooting, but instead we saw some totaly awesome magic animals doing there bussines and magic human genetalia…

If you want to know where these cool animals and/or genetalia are too be seen, just send me a message and perhaps we can arrange something.

All shots taken with Omd Em-5 + Samyang 7.5mm @3.5 iso 200-350 60 sec. shutter.


Gonna hit the sack now.


Laters &itches.

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