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Ordered a Minolta adapter from ebay for mft aswell, although my Em5 is flickering, its not unusable. So for the sake of testing i took some geek shots of my Sony 🙂

Its alot harder to focus the Minolta wideopen on the Em5 compared to the A7r. Donno why. The part of the picture thats acually in focus is harder to detect in the viewfinder on the Em5 altough the dof should be shorter on the Sony, so before trying it out, i would have assumed the opposite.

Pic of my A7r with the Fe 28mm, Taken with my flickering Em5 with the Minolta mc 50mm f1.4 @f2.8

Random crap.


Sony A7r + Minolta 50mm f1.4


Sony A7r + Sony FE 28mm f2

The following 2 shots is at same tint and temperature as this one.

Saturation is set to +29 on the shot above, not the other 2. they are at 0.


Sony A7r + Minolta 50mm f1.4


Sony A7r + Samyang 85mm 1.4


Sony A7r + Samyang 85mm f1.4 (Forgot to sharpen this shot)


Sony A7r + Samyang 85mm f1.4


Sony A7r + Minolta 50mm f1.4


Sony A7r + Sony FE 28mm f2


Sony A7r + Minolta 50mm f1.4

If you look at the shots of the car, the angle is pretty different as you could expect. Sharpness is kind of sort of simillar? 😛 The Minolta 50mm has less microcontrast i think so it looks less sharp then the other 2.

The Samyang 85mm has good microcontrast so it seems sharper then i think it is.

When i look at these pics in Lightroom at 100% its pretty obvious that the Sony FE 28mm is the sharpest one. Atleast wide open.


Sony A7r + Minolta MC Rokkor PG 50mm f1.4

Cat-1 Cat-2 Flower-1 Flower-2 Rabarber-1 Rabarber-2 Sony-1


My patience ran out today, my ebay adapter is running late. So i taped my Minolta 50mm to the Konica mount i got last week, it turned out alright 🙂

Really want the real adapter now, this lens seem to offer ALOT of bang for the buck. (140Usd, including customs/shipment, 115Us without :/)

Great sharpness, CA is well controled and nice bokeh! 🙂

Pics taken with A7r + Minolta mc 50mm @1.4 iso100 (Last one Em5 + Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95)

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