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  Yeahhh, more skis (sorry about that) :p Baged 999 meters today 🙂 Despite the crappy weather and snowconditions! Just got my boots back from the shop, almost perfect now, they pushed the toe out alittle. My bigger foot needs a … Continued

Mixing Noktons Coffee break.

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Here is a bunch of Images from earlier today. Took our bikes for a ride to the “view point” (we also had to walk and travel by farry) Great  day, great Coffee! Nice with some sun and warmth in the … Continued

Nokton 425

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  So here is finally a post, have been working for a few days and i havent worked up to shoting/posting. CA keeps accuring. But the most apparent thing i have noticed over the last few days is that there … Continued

Foggy Nokton 42.5 stuff.

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Some shots from around the house. Foggy and not to apealing today. Im sure some great photo opportunities hade presented them self if i had gone. Buuuuuut, no. a Stroll around the house was enough, plus a shot of my … Continued

a Few casual Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 shots from today :)

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  Do you know what kind of brand the man has on his glasses. I had no idea befor i zoomed in as i was sharpening the picture in Lightroom (Ray-Ban right? 🙂 ). Pretty awesome how much detail the … Continued

The mentaly insane need their Coffee!

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Visited the abandoned mental asylum in Säter a couple of days ago. “Säters fasta paviliong”. (more shots below) It has been closed for a few years now and is slowly withering away with some help from vandalism. This shot i composed out … Continued

Nokton mix.

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My computer have been packed with crap so i havent been able to load my photos to it, bought myself an external harddrive today. Got some shit out of the way! So here is what managed to select out of … Continued

Quick Nokton 42.5 (mostly) post.

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Just a quick “while im eating” post. Adding some shots igot around to edit just as i had to head for work earlier. Just stoping by for a sandwich befor heading out to try and cath some more stars. All … Continued

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