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Lagg-1 laggga lagg-lagg lagg-lagg-algg dyna-lagg


Finally i can post stuff again! All the pics are shot with the Nokton 17.5mm and Em-5.

There is some CA in most of the pics, mostly around the white edges in the images.

I reduced the highlights in the shots above in LR didnt try harder then that to remove the CA, alot goes away when i do that. Not all but most.

Dont usually bother more than that.



Dyanfit-1-web Dyanfit-2-web Dyanfit-3 Dyanfit-4 Dyanfit-5


Finally i mustered the curage to mount my Radical ST with inserts to my Automatics. I have been gnawing that bone fore a couple of months now. 😛

With some help from the good eye of my girlfriend Sofia they mounted perfeclty straight.

So lets hope their is no problems lurking undernieth awaiting me when i hit the mountain.


So as the epoxy is curing im going to enjoy my well deserved celebratory Köpp!  (coffee!) 🙂


Pics taken with em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @f0.95 – f1.2


Wildsnow tutorail for mounting dynafit bindings:


For Radical (No “center hole”) binding template visit:

For Dyanfit binding with “center hole”:




Armada ARG, K2 Obesthed, Atomic Trackers, Inserts and the Nokton 17.5mm f0.95



atomic-trackers-6 atomic-trackers-7 Finished mounting my new Trackers with inserts to my ARGs and Obsethed. we´ll see when winter comes if i got it right or not 😛 Just need some snow!! Shot with the em-5 and Nokton 17.5 wideopen.

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