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Meikon underwater house

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Me and my A7r+Fe28mm+Meikon Uv house convered the Tough Race 2017 yesterday. It´s got an learning curve for sure. But for the price the glass does not make much of an impact on the images. Im very impressed. Not one drop leaked so far either 🙂 Alot of the pics i took straight into the sun, and would have anticipated more CA, but its not really any worse the the Fe28 produce normally. 🙂

a Few casual Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 shots from today :)

nokton-425-dog-web dog-425-crop-2-web dog-425-web highland-425-web nokton-425-crop-web nokton-425-dogfight-web


Do you know what kind of brand the man has on his glasses. I had no idea befor i zoomed in as i was sharpening the picture in Lightroom (Ray-Ban right? 🙂 ). Pretty awesome how much detail the em-5 packs in to these 16mpix shots from the Voigtländer 42.5! Pretty desecent level of detail and sharpnes in the dog crop aswell.

It really makes the subjekts popp in the pictures, thats really the biggest benefit of FF (In my opinion) Sure u got higher light seneitivity,iso performance and all that. But what makes alot of the pictures beautiful is, the magic of “popp”. And the Noktons got “popp” (!)

Pretty good shooting situations in all these shots so no really much to complain about in these pics. I think the level of detail/sharpness is the subjekt for this post!


Well, laters!


The mentaly insane need their Coffee!

insane-bathtub-webVisited the abandoned mental asylum in Säter a couple of days ago. “Säters fasta paviliong”. (more shots below) It has been closed for a few years now and is slowly withering away with some help from vandalism.

This shot i composed out of 10? shots, all taken with em-5 + Notkon 17.5 @0.95 on a tripod with a cable trigger set at 2sec intervalls. Put together in Photoshop with layers and layer masks.

“The mentaly insane need their Coffee!” was my original thought behind this shot.

Kind of creepy going in to that tub knowing that poeple have been tortured in it over the years. Well, not tourtured, rehabilitated.


Just figured out how to enable comments (i think). So if you feel the urge, dont hesitate to leave something in the box. Im not afraid of critiques, if you feel you want to ponit something out that you think i do wrong. please let me know. Or what ever you want to say about my blog or its entries. (Please) Do it! 🙂

Well now i need my coffee to.


Please come again.




Day 3 with Nokton 42.5mm f0.95

nokton-42.5-112-web nokton-42-asd nokton-42-fia-web nokton-42sdmm nokton-42-web nokton-42-webb nokton-42.5-111-web


All but the last one, wich is shot @f5.6, is shot wideopen. It is sharp! Perhaps not as sharp as i initially said. But sharp! Only slightly sharper then my Nokton 17.5mm. I still belive colors and bokeh are alot better.

Separation in the 42.5mm is alot better to. It really gives you that “FF” feel.

When zooming in on pic nr6 i could clerly see her eyes and face detalis, wich is pretty impressive for a 16mp shot when cropped that much, its not really that much left to work with. And there is quite alot of CA around the handlabars on the stairs and around the postbox in the same shot.

So far i dont regret getting the lens for one second! Totally worth it! 🙂


Check black later for more “bokehlicious” shots.


Auf Wiedersehen


kajak-3 kajak-4 kajak-5 kajak-7 söälen-2 kajak-2

Bought myself a kayak a cople of days ago (witch also means i wont be getting the Voigtländer 42.5mm any time soon 🙁 ), already cought my first pike in it! 🙂 It´s not quite the same as fishing from a boat. And as for the photos, Some CA in shot nr 1, at the ” Venture Kayaks” logo. Tack-sharp as always. perhaps there is more to whine about for the geeky eye. I sure cant find it though 🙂

I have pretty much sold all my other lenses by now (Pana Leica 25, Oly 45 and the Pana 14). The 17.5mm is always on. Still have the Oly 40-150 and Samyang 7.5mm. I need those for my holydays or skiing trips in the winter. That and the low coast of the two are the only reason i still own them.

All shot with The Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @f0.95 + OMD Em-5.



an Actual fishing trip! (With the Nokton)


idräää-65 idräää-5 idräää-9 idräää-11 idräää-16 idräää-26 idräää-43 idräää-58

Just came home from a fishing trip to Idre.This time we actualy cought fish, and not just one. So that was nice, and we had good enough weather aswell.

And as for the pics they turned out nicely as always, maybe the subjects could have been better :p

The second picture show quite alot of CA around his face and neck and the last one around out lines of the cap and the text on the cap. Other then that, not much to whine about.

All shots taken with the Olympus Omd Em-5, Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @f0.95, hld-6(frist part) and a B+W ND8 filter.



Forgot my tripod

1 2 3 4

I originaly headed out for some shooting with my B+W ND110 filter, but when i realized that i had forgotten my tripod, after half an hour of driving, i kind of ditched that idea.

So i tried to get some better understanding of my B+W Polarized filter if it could be of any help shooting wideopen in broad daylight.

You might say ” Only a moron would shoot wideopen in broad daylight” well…to that i would say “Only a moron wouldn´t shoot wiedeopen, all the time ” (with the nokton that is)

And yeah, i do shoot @f5.6 on occation, but i never said i was the brightest one in the bunch either.


First 2 is shot with ND4 and Circ-pol filter. Dont think the pol filter is of much use in those kind of shots. But it did some good in the shot

with the water dropplets, it reduced some of the reflection and made the drops a little less highkey. But i think im going to use it more for

landscape shots like the last one (as it was intended i guess 😛 )

Nokton power!


Laters onionitos.


Nokton Exploration

cross-web door-web live-children-web lol-johan-web ninja-lol-johan omg-lol-johan-web stängd Awn-web barb-web


Me and Johan (The Ninja shoe photographer) went out for some “urban exploration” today, bit i guess it was more like “sub urban exploration”.

Well we covered an abandoned house which was falling apart, a small river? and a cemetery.

The f0.95 had a tough job today, but it kept at it. Kept it @f0.95 i mean 😉


The sign reads “LIVE CHILDREN, for now” 🙂

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