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Spring Nokton bike ride.

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Took the Nokton for a spinn yesterday, a bike ride around town looking for my fishing rod. Found it at last in my parents house. So i then took it out for some fishing, but i ended up shoot with the Omd+Nokton there aswell 🙂 Didnt catch any fish as you migh have guessed 🙂 But nither did anyone else 🙂


The 2 shots that has alot of green and saturaton is shot around f5 and the rest @ f0.95. Notice his hand in shot nr.3 quite alot of CA there.

But thats pretty much allt the bad for this time, the rest is good!

Thank good i forsked that dreddful Canon SLR (Not that 5dmkii with 50mm 1.2 doesn´t take stellar shots, but the headaches with the OMD is far less) and switched to the OMD Em-5 with the Nokton. Best desiction ever made i belive… Awesome combo.


Laters onion lovers.

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