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What iso?

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We´ll i was looking at the top pic, and i wasnt that impressed, i mean the sharpness is pretty good, but not stellar. From what iwe come to expect after reading the rewives on the Fe55 is stellar sharpness… And then i saw the iso, i had forgot to resett it, so it was set to 2000. With that in mind, i think the resault is “alright” 🙂

And for a lens in this “class” i think there is quite alot of CA,look around the spokes in the front wheel of the top bike pic there is pruple ca, and around the spokes and tyre on the rear wheel there is alot of green CA. Not to much to handle but, and i have never cared much for CA but, as i said, for a lens in this “class”.


Bike is also shot at iso 2K with Ar7 + Fe 55 f1.8 @f1.8




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