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Fotomässan 2015 (Photo con. Sthlm 2015)


A7r + Samyang 35mm f1.4 1/60 iso400


Samyang 50mm f1.4 1/320 iso 800


Sony FE 55mm f1.8 1/400 iso800


Sony Zeiss Fe 35mm f1.4 iso100 1/500

Mintola MC 50mm f1.4


Milvus 50mm f1.4 iso 200 1/60


1000 euro difference from the above shot? Minolta Mc 50mm f1.4 iso 250 1/60


Otus 28mm f1.8 1/250 iso800


Samyang 35mm f1.4 iso100 1/60

All shot in RAW, sharpened in LR. Resized and saved for web in PS.

We´ll i messed alot of these photos up. 1/60 shutter and no IBIS. Not the greatest combo. The Milvus lens, is heavy, its literly like a little tank.7-8kilo? The Noktons pale in comparison.

Milvus 50mm 1.4 and Otus 28mm 1.8 , not my cup of tea. Not really that special iguess. Just took these pics with them (so dont take my word for it), with pretty crappy camera settings. But heavy like nothing else.

Sony 55mm 1.8 on the other hand , SHARP as blade, holy balls this thing is sharp. And light, and small and pretty expenseive 😛

Sony Zeiss 35mm 1.4 Is sharp, not wow sharp, but sharp. and more CA then i would expect from a lens in this price range. Problably a great lens, but worth that size, and price?

Samyang 35mm 1.4 pretty big lens, not that heavy, but big. Sharp, not really wow sharp but very sharp. Great lens.

Samyang 50mm 1.4 is todays winner i think. Not that big, slightly heavy, cheap. And really nice micro contrast,colors,pop and sharpness, its really sharp, almost no ca. Perhaps i´ll update my bag with this one 🙂

Full frame -> Mft comparison. (Omg) ;) Sony a7r vs Em5 (with nokton)

compare-1 compare-2 compare-3 compare-4 compare-5 compare-6 compare-7 compare-8 Crop Crop-1 Crop-2

Most people, or atleast the slightly neerdier ones have a pretty strong opinion about weather this is “possible” or not. Comparing Mft to FF i mean. But here i go again.

The mindblowing detail of the 36mpix A7r sensor isn´t really there. When i sharpen pictures i look at them 100% so often it feels like the detail and sharpness is at best on pair with my Mft setup with Em5 and Noktons.

But when i zoom out, and see the “bigger picture” i realize thats not really the case. The A7r delivers “better” pictures for sure. Will i ever “use” the 36mpix and the “better” image quality? With 92.1 – 99.3% certainty, NO.

But thats not the reason i bought the full frame A7r either. The reason was mostly my Em5 is breaking apart, the shorter DOF, FF Bokeh and dynamic range.

At 100% the sharpness of the Noktons i had with my Em5 is on pair With my current set up. (But the A7r is 36pix so its actually alot less detail in the mft shots)

My Minolta MC 50mm f1.4 + A7r is a lighter package and delivers alot of “Bokeh for the buck” with great dynamic range.

But lets focus on the reasons i bought the A7r, DOF, Bokeh and Dynamic range, and i think this is where full frame is still in a league of its own. Sharpness and on many levels ISO is really good on the MFT system. Somehow the Em5, eventhough the pictures are noiser then lets say a Canon 5d mkii, there is more detail in the Em5 picture.

If one would do the math, Noktons f0.95 is not that far behind, thats about f1.9 on full frame, but the separation and pop i get with f1.4 on my A7r is really where it prevails. Bokeh is alot nicer on the lenses i have bought so far. Its not as “harsh” (now im beeng a little picky here, the Nokton bokeh is great) as the Noktons some times are.

DOF feels alot shorter even if the background seems blurred out to the same or similar extent the subject(s) seem to pop more.

And dynamic range, i still havent gotten used to it, alot of the times i push the trigger and think, “Thats gonna be blown out” but its not. I still cant belive how good on that regard it is, the dynamic range is a world of difference.

And one more great thing, Focus peaking! I had no ( or wery little issue ) with manual focus on my Em5 but now, with focus peaking. Why would anyone want AF? 😛 Siriously though, AF is great of course, but focus peaking is aswell!

I have an appointment in 30min so i gotto go, i´ll read through this later. Sorry if  the spelling is worse then usual.

Pics above is Shot with Sony A7r + Samyang 85mm f1.4 @f1.4



12 3 4 5 6 7


The just rescently started cooking studio Kokkonsten matstudio needed some help updating some pictures for their website.

They are not just about great food, they make the cooking in to an experience!

Open house this Sunday! 🙂 (18 okt 2015) Just click the link above for more info.

About the pics:

A7r + Minolta Mc 50mm f1.4 or Sony FE 28mm f2

ISO 200~640ish , shutters between 1/30 and 1/160

3rd Pic is shot with the Sony FE 28mm f2 @f2 the rest is shot with Minolta Mc 50mm f1.4 between f1.4 and f2, apart from the dish, thats shot at f8

I used 1 or 2 Nissin Di700a flashes with softboxes (60x60cm or 90x90cm), triggered with the Nissin Air commander.


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