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(Swedish championships) SM Downhill in Källviksbacken, Falun.

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Lina Skoglund 1st place (Last picture)

Jenny Rissveds 2nd place. (Second from last pic)

Picture 3 (Nr.23) is Oliwer Kangas.

Not sure about the men placings.

All pics taken witm Em-5 + Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 @0.95 + B+W ND4 (1 or 2) 1/250 iso 200-320.

CA is Very apparent on this lens when there are flashes and metal involved!

That beeing said, the result is alright.


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Nokton Enduro shortfilm.

So here is a little clip made of mostly Nokton 42.5mm shots @f0.95.

There is 1 part shot with the 17.5mm @f0.95 and that is the second from last.

And im going to assume you will know wich parts are shot with the Samyang 7.5mm @f5.6.

All lensens connected to the Om-d Em-5 during the filming of this video. The chest mount part is shot on a Gopro Hero 3+ ( the last clip it ever made )

Apparently there is alot of buggs in the Hero3, so perhaps you should google some befor u like me, go out and buy one.

(Dont get the Sandisk Ultra, not even for the “lover end” settings)


Im not very experienced with shooting film or editing film, or settings appropriate when filming. Or anything else concerning film really…

So have that in mind if you are watching the clip. The kind of busy Bokeh of the 42.5m is quite noticeable in some shots, as perhaps

you will see, but on the other hand you dont have that opinion at all. Other then that i think it works verywell for filming.


I used a B+W ND8 for all f0.95 footage, it has a little dent in it so perhaps it shows in the clips? i dont think so but.. if you see something, its probably the filter…


Well, i gotto go out now, its 29C outside, problably warmer in here…



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