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Alu Dolly

Dolly-sida Dolly-undersida


Got my e-bay head last week, broke my dolly trying to mount it, accidentally ripped out a pin on the motor and the ni broke the wood piece holding the whole thing togeather.

And here is the “raggarlösning” as we would say in plain swedish, i took what i had at home.

Did a test drive earlier today, worked better then before 🙂 All aluminum constuction this time.

Total cost is about 95 dollars. Not the cheapest sulotion i know! But it was fun coming up with my own constrution even though it did cost me a few bucks extra. But even so, far from the most expensive sulotion!

(Ball-head was about 25 dollars, wich i can use on my tripods)

Timelapse photage will come later when the ski season is over, then i´ll try to put all my timelapse/ski video photage togeather.



Pics taken with Em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm

Top shot: @f1.0 iso 2500 1/80

Bottom shot:@f.0.95 iso 2500 1/80





Dyanfit-1-web Dyanfit-2-web Dyanfit-3 Dyanfit-4 Dyanfit-5


Finally i mustered the curage to mount my Radical ST with inserts to my Automatics. I have been gnawing that bone fore a couple of months now. 😛

With some help from the good eye of my girlfriend Sofia they mounted perfeclty straight.

So lets hope their is no problems lurking undernieth awaiting me when i hit the mountain.


So as the epoxy is curing im going to enjoy my well deserved celebratory Köpp!  (coffee!) 🙂


Pics taken with em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @f0.95 – f1.2


Wildsnow tutorail for mounting dynafit bindings:


For Radical (No “center hole”) binding template visit:

For Dyanfit binding with “center hole”:





So here is a short clip from the past weeks timelapse/dolly photage.

After a few ours in post most of the kinks from my homemade motorized camera dolly and slider is gone.

And i have read up on my video exporting knowlage so the quality is alot better, if you remember how the trailer look in the last clip

you see the difference 🙂


Shot with Em5 mostly Samyang 7.5mm but also CV Nokton 17.5mm & 42.5mm


Gotto get to work now! (if the video looks like crap right now, check back in 20min or so, its still uploading as im heading for work)




Past week

dolly-web donken-web morris-2-web morris-web


Mostly been working the kinks of my dolly the past week(s) so havent got alot of photos to show for. I´ll post a link for the timelapse i have made so far as soon as i complete some sort of clip.

The weather have´nt been very interesting the last few days, atleast not asfar as timelapse is conserned. So.. “Don´t wait up”


But here is a couple of shots! The 42.5mm keep amaze me, totaly sharp all the time.

All of the above shots is taken @f0.95 with the 42.5mm, exept the McDonalds M, thats shot with the 17.5 @around f4 or so.




Ja mata!



Dolly!!! :)




Finally i finished my Dolly and track! The thumb has been sitter there. well now its free. The carrige runs on a little elctric motor powerd by an AAA battery.

The track is about 170cm and it takes the camera 7min to get from side to side. Total cost is around 70 Us dollars.

(counting rail and waggon) not the tripods and “interwallomter” or whatever its called.

Its size and weight is about the same as the Em-5 without lens.


Video is shot with Samyang 7.5 and Voigtländer 17.5 & 42.5

Dont know what i did, but i messed up the Timelpase quality pretty bad when editing. I dont know much about settings for video. Sigh.

The focus “shifting” parts of the video is shot on cv 42.5. Most of the timelpase with 7.5mm, exept for the part showing the front of the trailer, thats the CV 17.5mm.


Well thats it for today! Lalters.


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