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Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 crop and Chromatic Aberration remove

corr corr-crop not-corr not-corr-crop
So yeah, this is as bad as it gets, sun high in the sky,blue bird, white reflective transperent cup, reflective background. Everything in this pic produce CA. This would be one of those times you should stop down to get rid of the CA , but who can resist the f0.95 right? :).

It took a couple of minutes to correct most of the purple CA in Photoshop, 1st pic is a corrected version and the 2nd is a 100% crop.

3rd pic is a non corrected and the 4th is a 100% crop of that one.

I usually dont bother/care about CA but in this case it totaly ruined the picture, and its not that big of a deal to correct when it gets bad.

mostly all i need to do (in my opinion) is decrease the saturation of purple in Lightroom and the worst is gone, and when it all turns to shit, i´ll use PS for a couple of minutes.

If you dont know how, just check Youtube.

All shot with Em5 and Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 @f0.95 with B+W ND4 iso200 1/4000


Mixing Noktons Coffee break.

coffee-missile-175 fence-425 fence-not-425 fia-2-nokton-425 Fia-Nokton-175-web lady-nokton-425-web moped-425-web nokton-425-at56 nokton-mixing-175web nokton-mixing-425-web nokton-nokton-175 pedal-nokton-425 termos-web-175Here is a bunch of Images from earlier today. Took our bikes for a ride to the “view point” (we also had to walk and travel by farry) Great  day, great Coffee! Nice with some sun and warmth in the atumn gloom.

All but the one with the “springy thing” is whot wide open, the “springy thing” is shot at f5.6. Stoped down, The Noktons are flawless (“pretty much yeah”). Click the pictures and the topic will say “175” or “425” depending on the lens used. Sprayed away at 10fps to catch the guy on his moped. Luckaly he slowed down as he was passing, he pushed that thing to atleast 100kmh (im guessing) a little further down the road. Not just original parts i supose. 🙂

Other then that, nothing major to report. Tack sharp, nice bokeh. Awesome leneses.


Shot with Either Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 or Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 and Em-5. with either B+W UV and/or ND filters.




Foggy Nokton 42.5 stuff.

cv-42-web3 - Kopia bello-425-web cv-42-hood-web cv-42-web-2cv-42-web34Some shots from around the house. Foggy and not to apealing today. Im sure some great photo opportunities hade presented them self if i had gone. Buuuuuut, no. a Stroll around the house was enough, plus a shot of my new ski boots and of the CV Nokton 42.5 f0.95 with the hood. Witch i dont use so i havent really remembered to take a photo of it. But here it is. Looks better without i think. All but the one containing the 42.5mm is shot with the 42.5mm. the other one with 17.5mm all shot @0.95.


Vi ses.


Häj häj häj.

Its raing köpp, Amen!


So here is the picture entering the “KöppWarz” competition and the timelaps ( i know its lame 😛 ) with some sort of insight to how i made the shot. Shot @f0.95 with the EM-5 + Nokton 17.5mm on a tripod, with cable trigger set on 3sec laps. made a couple of hundred shots, maybe this shot is composed out of 15 pictures total. Created in Photoshop, mostly used layers with masks and some dodge and burn, blurred some of the cups a little extra to push them back a little. And finally some highpass to add some sharpness. Clothes are made out of some crap-ass mask i bought and spray painted black and coffee bean bags. And im kind of ashamed to say i did not use realy coffee for this shot, the “coffee” flying around in the shot is actually Coke:/ Didnt have time to brew and bring Coffee so… lets just hope it wont happen again.


Edit: i won! 🙂 1-0 – johan eric lökensson



tub-web grandypaw-qwb granny--web

Few shots from earlier this week. Havent done much editing past few days, exept for a coffee cup photo contest ( “Köppwarz” ) wich has its deadline soon. I´ll be posting the picture and a link to a timelapse “how to” video on youtube. Not the best or coolest “köpp” photo to this day. I forgot my radio trigger at home so i had to go with the cord remote, set to 3sec lapseses, so i figured, why the hell not make a timelapse out of it…

And as for the pictures above (@f0.95), just awesome pictures as usual out of the nokton, cant really complain on anything else then on my composing and framing skills, awesome bokeh, sharpness and not really anything negative worth mentioning.



Nokton by bike



Started the day off with some coffee with my grandmother and my mother, they brought some housewarming gifts. Then i went for a bike ride in the wind, and above are the results.


Strangets place ever to be installing powerlines?

The stairs might be shot at around f1-1.2, kind of nodged the aperture ring a little, but the rest are f.095 as usuall.

My feet is around 1.2-1.5m away and the bike is around 3-3.5m away in the last to shots. Not quite the fullframe feel in the shot with the bike 3m away, but pretty close. And if you compare image quality to my old 5D mk ii, the em-5 wins everytime. Weighs less,costs less,looks better,is smaller… the list of pros is long! And the list of cons is definitely not.



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