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Magic mushrooms



Biggest/most advanced compostition i´we made so far. 10-15 pics and 50-60 adjustmentlayers/masks ? 2,09GB file size in PS.

Shot on Sony a7r + Fe 50mm f1.8 with nissin Air Commander and a couple DI 700A

Fasta paviljongen

12345 221 1234

I´we been keen on shooting some B&W for a while, but i havent gotten around to it. And then i thought of Säters fasta paviljong, the abandoned

mental asylum. Can´t go wrong with B&W here 🙂 The middle pic was my main priority when i went, the other to are just a couple of shot its fired of while waling out.

Cought 2 guys of guard in there, they where spray painting and didnt hear me sneaking around, i think the nearly shat them selves! 😀

Top/Bottom: Sony A7r + Sony Fe 28mm f2 @f2

Middle: Sony A7r + 17-40L f4 @f4 1/50 iso 1000 (Viltrox adapter) tripod and a remote.

Middle pic is composed of around 9pics i think. Took a total of 922 pics 😉 Less then 1% keepers. Does that quallify as pro ratings? 😉


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