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Fasta paviljongen

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I´we been keen on shooting some B&W for a while, but i havent gotten around to it. And then i thought of Säters fasta paviljong, the abandoned

mental asylum. Can´t go wrong with B&W here 🙂 The middle pic was my main priority when i went, the other to are just a couple of shot its fired of while waling out.

Cought 2 guys of guard in there, they where spray painting and didnt hear me sneaking around, i think the nearly shat them selves! 😀

Top/Bottom: Sony A7r + Sony Fe 28mm f2 @f2

Middle: Sony A7r + 17-40L f4 @f4 1/50 iso 1000 (Viltrox adapter) tripod and a remote.

Middle pic is composed of around 9pics i think. Took a total of 922 pics 😉 Less then 1% keepers. Does that quallify as pro ratings? 😉


2nd Day with the Voigtländer Nokton 42.5mm f0.95

nokton-42.5-web-6 nokton-42.5-web-7 VS-1 vs-2 nokton-42.5-web1 nokton-42.5-web-2 nokton-42.5-web-3 nokton-42.5-web-4So here are some more shots. And i know comparing a FF camera/lens to MFT camera/lens is like compareing apples and oranges.

The crops in the shots are not of the same size, and thats due to the differens in MP of the sensors, 21.1 vs 16 i think? And i had to stop down the Sigma to get ~equal dof. (f1.9 would have been better..)

The sigma appears a tiny bit sharper, and that is stopped down (wideopen its not) and thanks to the bigger sensor. Well thats about as far im prepared to go in to that discussion.

Have a look at the pictures and make up your own mind as what combo you would prefer.

My empression so far? Well, its not going to come of my Om-d for some time i am guessing. I totally love it, i love the 17.5mm aswell.

The 17.5 has somewhat wideangle wich makes it a bit harder to shoot with. but when you get it right, it is right.

When you get it right the same goes for the 42.5. But with the 42.5 you can take a dump right where your standing. Then take a picture of it, and its going to look awesome.

Its not quite that easy with the 17.5 even though its awesome.

(but thats my opinion when it comes to most quality 35&85mm FF equivalent lenses. 35mm looks better but is harder to shoot with, due to the wider angle)


More updates later.


Ja mata!

initial “Review” of the Voigtländer Nokton 42.5mm f0.95

Nokton--42.5 Nokton-42.5-2 Nokton-42.5-3 Nokton-42.5-4 Nokton-42.5-5 Nokton-42.5-6 Nokton-42.5-7 Nokton-42.5-8 Nokton-42.5-9 Nokton-42.5-10


Nokton-42 Nokton-42-asd


So the Voigtländer Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 just arrived today! Totaly Stoked!

And i have to say, so far it has exceeded my expectations. Compared to the Nokton 17.5mm its better in everyway. Sharper,less distortion,less CA. to name a few.

These are only my first impressions, as i said i got it earlier today.

And as you can see in the pictures above, there are plenty of CA in some situations. Around text in shot 1 and the camera in shot 7.

But its sharp! as you can see in picture 1. The text in that shot is not big, and its readable. with some highpass in PS and some CA correction that would look awesome i think.

Focus is smooth as it is on the 17.5mm, its got the same feel to it as far as handling goes.

Colors are alot better in the 42.5, compared to the 17.5 and so is bokeh, but not as big difference as i believe the colors are.

In shot 6 ithink you see some sort distortion, again, not as much as in the 17.5.

And the ability to isolate subjects comes alot closer to that FF feel that you, perhaps same as me, feel you are missing ever since you switched to MFT. The noktons, atleast the 17.5 and the 42.5 will get you alot closer to that. Havent used the 25mm much, but from the very little i have used it, it seemed to be alot less sharp then these 2 badasses.


Settings and gear info:

OM-D Em-5 + HLd6 + Voigtländer Nokton 42.5mm f0.95

Pic Nr :6 shot @f8 with B+W ND110 and B+W ND8 60 sec shutter

The rest is shot wideopen (f0.95 ! 🙂 ) with either no filter, B+W ND4 or B+W ND8.


Well thats all for now, gotto get back out there befor the sun goes down!

ill post some more shots as soon as i can!


(and for those who will scroll down and look at my previous post shot with the 17.5mm, they will look sharpeer because i have shaprend them more

not because the lens is sharper, i thought i would try and demonstrate the “actuall” sharpness of the 42.5mm here.)





Spring Nokton bike ride.

el-burgo-web morris-web pjuff-web pull-web spring-web tvweb balls-web cynk-spoe


Took the Nokton for a spinn yesterday, a bike ride around town looking for my fishing rod. Found it at last in my parents house. So i then took it out for some fishing, but i ended up shoot with the Omd+Nokton there aswell 🙂 Didnt catch any fish as you migh have guessed 🙂 But nither did anyone else 🙂


The 2 shots that has alot of green and saturaton is shot around f5 and the rest @ f0.95. Notice his hand in shot nr.3 quite alot of CA there.

But thats pretty much allt the bad for this time, the rest is good!

Thank good i forsked that dreddful Canon SLR (Not that 5dmkii with 50mm 1.2 doesn´t take stellar shots, but the headaches with the OMD is far less) and switched to the OMD Em-5 with the Nokton. Best desiction ever made i belive… Awesome combo.


Laters onion lovers.

Nokton Exploration

cross-web door-web live-children-web lol-johan-web ninja-lol-johan omg-lol-johan-web stängd Awn-web barb-web


Me and Johan (The Ninja shoe photographer) went out for some “urban exploration” today, bit i guess it was more like “sub urban exploration”.

Well we covered an abandoned house which was falling apart, a small river? and a cemetery.

The f0.95 had a tough job today, but it kept at it. Kept it @f0.95 i mean 😉


The sign reads “LIVE CHILDREN, for now” 🙂

Em-5 Nokton Geek photo shoot today.

OMD-small-grip3-web OMD-small-grip-web OMD-grip-web OMD-sigma-85mm OMD-small-grip2-web


Borrowed my friends 5D mkii today, took some photos of my Em-5 with the grip and Nokton. The 5d feels like a monster! I kind of remembered it to be big, but it was a monster! 🙂

Non the less it delivered som good shoots! Still is a great camera, in i bigger, heavier, uglier… u get where im going with this 😉

The phat ass lens is the Sigma 85mm f1,4 stuck on with and adapter from ebay, works perfect, 10us dollar including shippment from China. I dont get it. Shippment alone, in sweden, is 10dollar!?

Check back for some photos taken with the Sigma.

I had my thoughts about buing an Samyang 85mm T1.5 but its a bit too long i think.

The Voigtländer 42.5mm f0.95 is goona dooooo juuuust fine i think 🙂 whenever it decide to show up.


Häv nize day.

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