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FE 28mm f2 roadtrip



Sony A7r + Fe 28mm f2

First pic (and second) @f9 30 sec iso 100 + Nd1000 and crappy Pol-filter. Still sharp.

#1 is a 100% of the 2nd.

3rd pic @f2 iso 100.

The Sony Fe 28mm has got alot more distortion then the Voigtländer 17.5mm perhaps thats to be expected sence its wider then the CV 17.5?

Non the less, its got more. And wideopen i dont think it is as sharp either, perhaps they are pretty much equal there, because i cant seem to decide.

Maybe i´ll do some better test later on.

Laters. 😉

Tour de Köpp


Em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95wewebb

Em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95


Em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95


Print screen from 1080p Gopro Photage.

Small Köpp tour today, mainly to try some changes to my boots and the video settings on the gopro3. Took a few shots with the 17.5mm aswell.

Gopro is really sharp and wide. Nudged it a little on the second run so thats why u see my goggles. The Phone app is really handy when choosing the angle.






Gopro 3+ Black


Comparison between the old Gopro, shot in 720p 60fps. and the Gopro 3+ black shot in 1080p Superview mode. Alot more in frame on the 3+ and a **** load of difference in sharpness.

I know there is probably a million of these out there, i did this to see for myself the actual difference and i thought i might aswell put it here.


Print screens from straight from my screen, no sharpness added in either (or anything else).



Spring Nokton bike ride.

el-burgo-web morris-web pjuff-web pull-web spring-web tvweb balls-web cynk-spoe


Took the Nokton for a spinn yesterday, a bike ride around town looking for my fishing rod. Found it at last in my parents house. So i then took it out for some fishing, but i ended up shoot with the Omd+Nokton there aswell 🙂 Didnt catch any fish as you migh have guessed 🙂 But nither did anyone else 🙂


The 2 shots that has alot of green and saturaton is shot around f5 and the rest @ f0.95. Notice his hand in shot nr.3 quite alot of CA there.

But thats pretty much allt the bad for this time, the rest is good!

Thank good i forsked that dreddful Canon SLR (Not that 5dmkii with 50mm 1.2 doesn´t take stellar shots, but the headaches with the OMD is far less) and switched to the OMD Em-5 with the Nokton. Best desiction ever made i belive… Awesome combo.


Laters onion lovers.

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