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Norway last day.

gaustablikk-asd gaustablikk-asd2


These pics are pretty much what i have to show for of the last day, because my brother, the new Justin Beeber, Beiber? thought it was to windy, to cold, he didnt see enough, etc.

So we paid 370 NOK and did a 15 minute “tour” befor mr “im not exacly enjoying this” wanted to turn back. Then we got 1 run in the slopes, before we headed back home, thnx to mr Beeber.

But all in all, awesome trip, good powder the first 2 days. Even though mr Beeber have seen happier days.


Video at the top, Gopro HD photage of the skiing. (259 min left until upload is complete, hense the perhaps bad IQ)

Pics shot with Em-5 and Samyang 7.5mm @f3.5



Atomic Automatic 2014! :)

Atomic-Automatic-186 ATomic-Automatic-2014 Atomic-automatic-rocker Atomic-Automatic-rocker-profile-web fia1 fia2 the-mask-web


Been a while! Well here is finally a new post! Dont know if there is still anyone checking this place out bout, if you are here are some shots from the 42.5mm @0.95! Just got the new skis for this season, Atomic Automatic 13/14!! Rocker Profile and stiffness looks and feel totally awesome! 🙂 (And i finally got to contribute to the Swedish skiing “market wellfair”, bought them at 🙂 )

Sofia is drinking her coffee and  preparing the house for winter, and im prepairing my winter tires for the car so it´ll be ready for some powder hunting as soon as winter comes! 🙂

And of course drinking my coffee (even though the pictures does not tell about it).



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