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(Swedish championships) SM Downhill in Källviksbacken, Falun.

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Lina Skoglund 1st place (Last picture)

Jenny Rissveds 2nd place. (Second from last pic)

Picture 3 (Nr.23) is Oliwer Kangas.

Not sure about the men placings.

All pics taken witm Em-5 + Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 @0.95 + B+W ND4 (1 or 2) 1/250 iso 200-320.

CA is Very apparent on this lens when there are flashes and metal involved!

That beeing said, the result is alright.


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start over with this theme. Totaly sucks i have no idea how this works!

Atomic Automatic 2014! :)

Atomic-Automatic-186 ATomic-Automatic-2014 Atomic-automatic-rocker Atomic-Automatic-rocker-profile-web fia1 fia2 the-mask-web


Been a while! Well here is finally a new post! Dont know if there is still anyone checking this place out bout, if you are here are some shots from the 42.5mm @0.95! Just got the new skis for this season, Atomic Automatic 13/14!! Rocker Profile and stiffness looks and feel totally awesome! 🙂 (And i finally got to contribute to the Swedish skiing “market wellfair”, bought them at 🙂 )

Sofia is drinking her coffee and  preparing the house for winter, and im prepairing my winter tires for the car so it´ll be ready for some powder hunting as soon as winter comes! 🙂

And of course drinking my coffee (even though the pictures does not tell about it).



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