Sony a7r+ Sony FE 28m f2 Vs Olympus Em5+ Nokton 17.5mm f0.95

Em5-vikt-web Sony vikt web Sony-a7r-web Sony-a7r-web2 Sony-a7r-web3.4 Sony-a7r-web3

Em5+Nokton 17.5 pro list:

Body is smaller


Smaler RAW files


Faster lens

Faster camera (scrolling through pics, zooming etc.)

10(ish) pics per sec

Better allrounder (mostly goes for the camera body)

A7r+FE 28mm pro list:

Fullframe sensor

Great dynamic range

Sharper? (By a really thin hair.)

Lighter (around 340g, the A7 strap is on the Em5 in the picture above:p)/smaller (shorter lens)

Less noise

Great colors/tones

More “pop” (Even though f0.95 = f1.9 on fullframe)


Faster shutter speed

Lower ISO

Focus peaking

Auto Focus

And the winner is…? Dont know really. That depends on alot of things. the 12-32, 7.5mm and the 40-150 probably weighs the same togeather as 1 zoom lens does for the A7r.

For allround use, the mft system is great, there are light and small lenses. Small bodies with IBIS. Sure the never A7´s got that too but then they will be alot bigger and heavier.

The MFT system´s got the Noktons, so you can get short DOF and great sharpness. And then we have the Fullframe sensor 🙂 It has alot of cons, but also a few important pros, too some people.

Am i one of those people? i Think so… Not totally shure though.

Time will tell…



  1. Nooo – don’t you do that! You’re one of the main reasons I acquired a V 17.5mm… The A7-System is definately tempting, but when I use the tiny 12-32mm, the stellar 45mm or 9-18mm I would not want to carry the comparable lenses by Sony. Hope you’ll stay with us 😉

  2. So you have been reading my blog! Really fun to hear 🙂 No im not giving up the Mft system, i think? :p My Em5 is about to collapse. After 70K pictures and alot of bumps and what not the buttons are coming of and its not working properly, and i have been qurious about the A7 ever since it came out. So i thought it was the perfect time to give it a try. We´ll see how it goes!

  3. Sounds reasonable. And yes, I have been enjoying your blog and pictures quite a lot 🙂 I had been told I would find great shots with the V 17.5mm here…. ÖLooking orward to your conclusion!

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