Olympus OM-D em-5 + Voigtländer / Voigtlander Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 Day#2



Voigtlander-175-web6Voigtlander-175-web5 Voigtlander175-web1 Voigtlander175-web2 Voigtlander-175-web3 Voigtlander-175-web4


Some shots from today with the Voigtländer 17.5mm f0.95 , all shot @f0.95. With the exeption of the first one with the house, thats shot @f5.6 and i´ll say its “sharp as blade” but no surprise there… this is my second day with it. and the impression is that its a great lens, i thought it would have more flaws then it acutally has.

The picture with the sign show quite alot of purple on the edges, but other then that i think it handled even that situation nicely, and the sharpness at even f0.95 is really good.


More to come! Check back later for more shots from the Voigtländer!