Meikon Underwater house


Sony a7r + Fe 55meikon-4-web

Sony a7r + Fe 55 (In house)meikon-fe-28-cropped-web

Sony Fe 28 (in house, cropped)meikon-fe-28-uncropped-web

Sony Fe 28 (in house, same as above, not cropped)

As you can see, the Fe 28 is to shoort for the house. Some of the insides ends up in the pictures. When cropped i guess it´s more of a 35 then a 28. Have´nt tried if it´s actually waterproof yet though 😛 The weather here right now is´nt quite “go swimming” weather. The pictures seems sharp though. 

The pictures does´nt seem to be clickable any more, if anyone know why and/or how to fix it, please let me know 🙂



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