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Fe 55mm f1.8 Build quality.

Well this is the first time i honestly can say something about the build qualtiy of a lens, more then the feel of it.

Yesterday i removed 8 screws and a plate from my elbow joint, so due to pain and such i didn´t sleep much last night, 3-4 hours. And today i had a couple of Citodon.

After trying some videosettings outside i went back in, i put my tripod down and im going to remove the camera from my borrowed Manfrotto videohead, so i turn the release lever, and then i watch my A7r + Fe 55 fall towards the floor, lens first. I was not happy, (i screemed in fear) thank god it was only 50cm to the floor. Apart from a couple of buckles on the front edge of the lens, all seems fine. Sharpness and AF is still spot on, and no play anywhere in the lens as far as i can tell.

So my conclution is, for now anyways, is, the build quality is great! 🙂

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