4 months with 7artisans 50mm f1.1

DSC04093-web DSC04150-web DSC04652 DSC04878-web DSC05159-web DSC05180-web WEB web2 web3 web4

All pics taken with A7r + 7 artisans 50mm f1.1 @f1.1 – f1.4

I like it alot, alot thanks to the price and size. And alot thanks to its character. You might also hate it for the very same reasons.

If you shoot it at f1.1 i think it needs editing. I add some clarity for sharpness and correct colors. CA is often aparent. sometimes to much to edit in post. Atleast not easy enough to delete. At f1.4 i dont edit them to much or to often. The jepgs are “good enough” alot of the time. Center sharpness and bokeh is alot better than it is at f1.1. Corners edges are never sharp. 


With looks and size like this, at this price. If you can live with some editing and dont want/need “clinical” pictures. Buy.

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