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Monthly Archive: July 2016

Toughest of the Tough.



Todays toughest.

Sony a7r + Fe55 1.8

My A7r made it through the rain and mudfest at todays Toughrace 2016. It was really fun to watch al the heros make their way through the course. Noticed another thing today, there is a pretty big lag from when you hit the shutter button until it actually shoot. Kind of not so nice for this kind of shooting. But i managed to get some good shots today, dispite the weather. At one point the camera actually could´nt focus on anything but the rain, it was pouring down!


Toughrace Supersprint 2016


Sony a7r + Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8 @1.8 1/500 iso 100

Going through todays pics from the Toughrace Supersprint 2016 in Dalsjö. This one is my favourite so far. The A7r/55mm is a tad to slow to focus for this kind of thing.

Alot of pics did not end up in “keepers” folders due to slight missfocus. But, its kind of sharp and saturated, right? 😉

Well well, i have another day of shooting the main event “Toughrace” tomorrow.

For more pics you probably wanna checkout the Toughrace Facebook page and/or


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