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Monthly Archive: March 2015

Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 hot-shoe flash

Nr2 Nr3 Nr4 Nr5



Made a couple of “Tree mounts” for my flashes a few days ago, so i´we been eger to try them out 🙂

All 4 pics take with Em-5 Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 + 2 ND4 B+W filters to keep shutter at around 160-250/1 when shooting at f0.95 and iso 200.

I used 3 flashes for both pics, with colorfilters (Orange,purple and one without on 1st pic. blue,orange and purple on the last) and Cactus triggers.


Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 crop and Chromatic Aberration remove

corr corr-crop not-corr not-corr-crop
So yeah, this is as bad as it gets, sun high in the sky,blue bird, white reflective transperent cup, reflective background. Everything in this pic produce CA. This would be one of those times you should stop down to get rid of the CA , but who can resist the f0.95 right? :).

It took a couple of minutes to correct most of the purple CA in Photoshop, 1st pic is a corrected version and the 2nd is a 100% crop.

3rd pic is a non corrected and the 4th is a 100% crop of that one.

I usually dont bother/care about CA but in this case it totaly ruined the picture, and its not that big of a deal to correct when it gets bad.

mostly all i need to do (in my opinion) is decrease the saturation of purple in Lightroom and the worst is gone, and when it all turns to shit, i´ll use PS for a couple of minutes.

If you dont know how, just check Youtube.

All shot with Em5 and Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 @f0.95 with B+W ND4 iso200 1/4000


Voigtländer Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 MUUUUD

lera-insta2 Lera-insta3 WEb-123


The trails are muddy this time of year, and icy ,but in pre-season one ain´t picky.

Em5+Nokton 42.5 f0.95 wideopen B+W ND4  iso200 shutter 1/200 handheld.

Creemy bokeh and alot of pop 🙂 if you have a look around the handlebars and the saddle in pic 1, you´ll se the everpresent CA.

42.5mm f0.95 Nokton Split

Split1-web Split-2-web Split-3-web Split-crop-web


All pics taken with Em5 -Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 iso200 and B+W ND4

First one, @f0.95

Second @f1.9ish

Last @f0.95 (the 100% crop is from the pic above :p)

The last is kind of a nightmareish situation, lost of sharp black on white edges, and thuss the horrid CA. Loads of both green and purple.

But it makes your motive pop thats fo sure! 🙂

I love the lens, but perhaps you wont, i dont mind Ca, perhps you do?


Nokton 42,5mm f0.95 is singing in the rain!

gosi-web Vilja-web


Em5 with the Nokton 42.5mm f0.95 @f0.95, hand held.

Not easy shooting a running horse with manual focus and f0.95 😛

Got a couple of frames right though. Moore then i anticipated 🙂


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