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Monthly Archive: February 2015

Nokton Splitboarding


Just broke in my splitboard the other day. The feel was more like a noodle compared to my other board 🙂 Iguess thats gonna be fine when the snow softens up, i´we only tried it in the local ski slope so far.

Pic taken with Em5 + Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @f0.95, hand held.

The Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 is really awesome! 🙂

Nokton 17.5 goes Brazil. And make it out alive.

Brass-2 Brass-3 Brass-4 Brass-1


So i just got back from Rio de janeiro, and my Om-d+Nokton 17.5 made it back, aparrently they steal everything thats not bolted down. Especially cameras 😛

3rd pic, not wide open, perhaps f2.8 or f3.2. the rest wide open. 2nd one, loads of purple CA.


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