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Monthly Archive: February 2014

Back home..

norge23 norge34 norge12It was pretty bad weather the last day, so didn´t shoot much. Cought the sunset just outside our window the day befor we went back home. Not a bad place to stay 🙂

But we made it up Frudalshesten in -15 and windy conditions once befor whe started our 12hour drive back home.

Top 2 shots: em-5 + pana @f7.1 1/500 iso 200

Bottom: em-5 + Samyang @f5.6 1/125 iso 200 (Wich i dropped outside 2 days befor, and after staying in -3 the night some nice man

found it and returned it. As you can see it still seem to work perfectly )


Grånipa & Svartholten 1200m above sea level.

norge-30 norge-31 norge-32 norge-33




Shots taken with Pana 12-32mm. Exept last one, thats the Iphone at work.

Ski-climbed Grånipa & almost Svartholten today, just finished short of the summit, found a better lines so we didnt bother. I thought i would be hard to top yesterday, but we did!

Awesome powder runs today!


Tour de Köpp


Em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95wewebb

Em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95


Em-5 + Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95


Print screen from 1080p Gopro Photage.

Small Köpp tour today, mainly to try some changes to my boots and the video settings on the gopro3. Took a few shots with the 17.5mm aswell.

Gopro is really sharp and wide. Nudged it a little on the second run so thats why u see my goggles. The Phone app is really handy when choosing the angle.






Gopro 3+ Black


Comparison between the old Gopro, shot in 720p 60fps. and the Gopro 3+ black shot in 1080p Superview mode. Alot more in frame on the 3+ and a **** load of difference in sharpness.

I know there is probably a million of these out there, i did this to see for myself the actual difference and i thought i might aswell put it here.


Print screens from straight from my screen, no sharpness added in either (or anything else).



Bad Gastein


Olympus 40-140


Panasonic 12-32


Olympus 40-140


Samyang 7.5mm


Samyang 7.5mm

Gastein4Panasonic 12-32

So here is finally a post! I have been in Bad Gastein, Austria skiing for the past week. Havent taken asmuch pics as i usually do. But here is a few!

Turned 30 just befor we left, got the Pana 12-32mm for my birthday! awesome lens. Sharp and small! Descent AF speed, cant really complain! Not for its size.

Dont really use the 40-140 much, its not as sharp as one would want, but sometimes it amazes, well if you compare it to what it usually produces. My guess is the IQ differ quite alot over the zoom range.

Im quite sick so im gonna stick it to the sofa now.

164min left on the video upload so, it might yet be a while.


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