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B+W Filters on Voigtländer Nokton 17.5mm f0.95


filters2-web pol-web nd110-web nd8-web nd4-web slim-UV-web No-filter-weballa6web

So here is some sort of comparison between the filters i use. The loss of sharpness is to my eyes in these 100% crops from un-edited raw files, almost or compleatly zero. The Color differs quite alot, the most surprising differences to me is between the ND4 and the polarized filter. The Nd4 is much warmer then i expected  and the polarizer does have some strange milky “feel” to it, its not like the milky feel you get out of a Canon 50mm 1.8 II if you everused one of those wide open. Its not sharp and milky. This is still sharp and milky.

The Nd110 is warmer, as to bee expected, from what i understand its got something to do with the extreme darkness of the filter, some rays of light has more truoble getting through. That might not be compleatly true, but its somewere along those lines… If you want more cientiffic explenation i recommend you google it 😉 Link here on the right hand side ——>

All phots taken on tripod, iso 200 f4. focused on the circle shown in the crop.


Filters compared on the Em-5 + Voigtländer 17.5mm f0.95 are:

B+W 58mm 010 XS-Pro UV-Haze MRC Nano

B+W 58mm 102 F-Pro ND 0,6 – 2 BL 4x E

B+W 58mm 103 F-Pro ND 0,9 – 3 BL 8x E

B+W 58mm 110 F-Pro ND 3,0 – 10 BL 1000x E

B+W 58mm F-pro Slim C-Pol.

All made in Germany.


This is really not my thing, so iguess i messed something up, but perhaps you get some sort of idea to how the filters perform.


Ja mata.

Forgot my tripod

1 2 3 4

I originaly headed out for some shooting with my B+W ND110 filter, but when i realized that i had forgotten my tripod, after half an hour of driving, i kind of ditched that idea.

So i tried to get some better understanding of my B+W Polarized filter if it could be of any help shooting wideopen in broad daylight.

You might say ” Only a moron would shoot wideopen in broad daylight” well…to that i would say “Only a moron wouldn´t shoot wiedeopen, all the time ” (with the nokton that is)

And yeah, i do shoot @f5.6 on occation, but i never said i was the brightest one in the bunch either.


First 2 is shot with ND4 and Circ-pol filter. Dont think the pol filter is of much use in those kind of shots. But it did some good in the shot

with the water dropplets, it reduced some of the reflection and made the drops a little less highkey. But i think im going to use it more for

landscape shots like the last one (as it was intended i guess 😛 )

Nokton power!


Laters onionitos.


Its raing köpp, Amen!


So here is the picture entering the “KöppWarz” competition and the timelaps ( i know its lame 😛 ) with some sort of insight to how i made the shot. Shot @f0.95 with the EM-5 + Nokton 17.5mm on a tripod, with cable trigger set on 3sec laps. made a couple of hundred shots, maybe this shot is composed out of 15 pictures total. Created in Photoshop, mostly used layers with masks and some dodge and burn, blurred some of the cups a little extra to push them back a little. And finally some highpass to add some sharpness. Clothes are made out of some crap-ass mask i bought and spray painted black and coffee bean bags. And im kind of ashamed to say i did not use realy coffee for this shot, the “coffee” flying around in the shot is actually Coke:/ Didnt have time to brew and bring Coffee so… lets just hope it wont happen again.


Edit: i won! 🙂 1-0 – johan eric lökensson



tub-web grandypaw-qwb granny--web

Few shots from earlier this week. Havent done much editing past few days, exept for a coffee cup photo contest ( “Köppwarz” ) wich has its deadline soon. I´ll be posting the picture and a link to a timelapse “how to” video on youtube. Not the best or coolest “köpp” photo to this day. I forgot my radio trigger at home so i had to go with the cord remote, set to 3sec lapseses, so i figured, why the hell not make a timelapse out of it…

And as for the pictures above (@f0.95), just awesome pictures as usual out of the nokton, cant really complain on anything else then on my composing and framing skills, awesome bokeh, sharpness and not really anything negative worth mentioning.



Magic hour

magic-peeing-dog-again magic-penis-web Long-magic-penis Magic-crazy-owls-web Magic-dog-poo-web


Tonight me and the mustach ninja from my previous post headed out for some star shooting, but instead we saw some totaly awesome magic animals doing there bussines and magic human genetalia…

If you want to know where these cool animals and/or genetalia are too be seen, just send me a message and perhaps we can arrange something.

All shots taken with Omd Em-5 + Samyang 7.5mm @3.5 iso 200-350 60 sec. shutter.


Gonna hit the sack now.


Laters &itches.

Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 ND110 +

1 2 3


Just got the ND110 i ordered from ebay. didnt have much time between the post office and work today so heres what came out. Nokton, sharp as blade of course.


Pic 1: Em-5, Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @ f8, iso200, shutter:25sek, ND110.

Pic2 : Em-5, Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @ f10, iso200, shutter:60sek, ND110.

Pic3: Em-5, Nokton 17.5mm f0.95 @ f8, iso200, shutter:147sek, ND110+ND8+ND4.


Pic 2 is shot from a bridge, didt come out quite as sharp as the other 2, but the bridge kind of swayed a little as the trucks drove by…

Nokton 17.5 is pretty good for this aswell, altough a 12mm may have done the job a little bit better? 🙂 So Voigtländer, when is the 12mm f0.95 coming? 🙂



Spring Nokton bike ride.

el-burgo-web morris-web pjuff-web pull-web spring-web tvweb balls-web cynk-spoe


Took the Nokton for a spinn yesterday, a bike ride around town looking for my fishing rod. Found it at last in my parents house. So i then took it out for some fishing, but i ended up shoot with the Omd+Nokton there aswell 🙂 Didnt catch any fish as you migh have guessed 🙂 But nither did anyone else 🙂


The 2 shots that has alot of green and saturaton is shot around f5 and the rest @ f0.95. Notice his hand in shot nr.3 quite alot of CA there.

But thats pretty much allt the bad for this time, the rest is good!

Thank good i forsked that dreddful Canon SLR (Not that 5dmkii with 50mm 1.2 doesn´t take stellar shots, but the headaches with the OMD is far less) and switched to the OMD Em-5 with the Nokton. Best desiction ever made i belive… Awesome combo.


Laters onion lovers.

Nokton Exploration

cross-web door-web live-children-web lol-johan-web ninja-lol-johan omg-lol-johan-web stängd Awn-web barb-web


Me and Johan (The Ninja shoe photographer) went out for some “urban exploration” today, bit i guess it was more like “sub urban exploration”.

Well we covered an abandoned house which was falling apart, a small river? and a cemetery.

The f0.95 had a tough job today, but it kept at it. Kept it @f0.95 i mean 😉


The sign reads “LIVE CHILDREN, for now” 🙂

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