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Monthly Archive: April 2013

More random pics.

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Short photo walk in the woods and some bbq. (We did not end up using the one packed with cigarettes 🙂 ) All shot with the Voigtländer wideopen.

On the absolutely beautiful picture of the man in the mustach you can see alot of purple fringing around his  left hand (right in picture). Havent seen any of the green fringing yet so i guess the 17.5mm is sticking with the purple.


Auf winerschnitzel.

Random stuff.

5d-web grabbn1 grabbn2-web85-web johan-85-web


Had some coffee the other day with the not so handsome owner of the 5d i borrowed, and the handsome one in the shots is his son Max…

First one is shot with  Wideopen with the Nokton and an ND8 Filter, nr2 and 3 are also wideopen with the Nokton. The last 2 are shot with the sigma 85mm 1,4 with adapter from ebay.

Its one of the cheaper models (no electronics) so the sigma is always wideopen when mounted with it.





Em-5 Nokton Geek photo shoot today.

OMD-small-grip3-web OMD-small-grip-web OMD-grip-web OMD-sigma-85mm OMD-small-grip2-web


Borrowed my friends 5D mkii today, took some photos of my Em-5 with the grip and Nokton. The 5d feels like a monster! I kind of remembered it to be big, but it was a monster! 🙂

Non the less it delivered som good shoots! Still is a great camera, in i bigger, heavier, uglier… u get where im going with this 😉

The phat ass lens is the Sigma 85mm f1,4 stuck on with and adapter from ebay, works perfect, 10us dollar including shippment from China. I dont get it. Shippment alone, in sweden, is 10dollar!?

Check back for some photos taken with the Sigma.

I had my thoughts about buing an Samyang 85mm T1.5 but its a bit too long i think.

The Voigtländer 42.5mm f0.95 is goona dooooo juuuust fine i think 🙂 whenever it decide to show up.


Häv nize day.

Nokton by bike



Started the day off with some coffee with my grandmother and my mother, they brought some housewarming gifts. Then i went for a bike ride in the wind, and above are the results.


Strangets place ever to be installing powerlines?

The stairs might be shot at around f1-1.2, kind of nodged the aperture ring a little, but the rest are f.095 as usuall.

My feet is around 1.2-1.5m away and the bike is around 3-3.5m away in the last to shots. Not quite the fullframe feel in the shot with the bike 3m away, but pretty close. And if you compare image quality to my old 5D mk ii, the em-5 wins everytime. Weighs less,costs less,looks better,is smaller… the list of pros is long! And the list of cons is definitely not.



Nokton car-pool

sjo-sten-web knopen-web pinnen-web


Drove around today looking for some more “5 knop” signs, (means 5 Knot) so i gotto post one of them atleast, didnt turn out to good though…  kind of like the last picture, not shure why.


Bottom line, by the 17.5mm Nokton if u can afford it. if not take a loan (like me 🙂 ), then buy it. and while youre at it, buy the grip for the EM-5 and throw away the second part and stick with the one 🙂

All 3 shot wideopen, ofc 😉 f0.95 for president


Nokton 17.5mm @f0.95 stroll :)


5knop tre-web

Short walkt today, not much to show for though. Did notice something that bothered me pretty much though. I used the entire battery grip today, the fn1. button set to magnify (on the camera body).

And when i was pushing it my palm was turning the wheel on the grip so it zoomed out all the time…

So for manual shooting i guess the “first” part of the grip or no grip is the better way to swing.


Nokton 17.5mm and the EM-5 (with the grip)

voigtlander-staket-web voigtlander-wood-web fia-katt-web voigtlander-bike-web



Some shots from today, The first pic is shot @f8, the rest wideopen.

We are getting settled in our new house so im getting some time of for random picture taking, as i said these are the crop of the day.

Per usual i dont have much to whine about, sharp as blade @f8, sharp enough and more wideopen.





Just got the battery grip the other day aswell, the first section (in the pic above) of it is a bliss to use, ads enough grip to the camera, but doesnt make it bulky.

Sencond part of the grip makes the kit pretty bulky but when thats not an issue, its totaly awesome! 🙂


Laters &itches.

Nokton 17.5mm @f.095

balls-web cowlander2-web cowlander-web grill-web jenke-web mic-web paint2 paint-web public-web


Some randome pictures taken over the last couple of weeks, havent had the man-power to update my blogg, due to moving and stuff (the photos of the highland cattle where taken just of our new property 🙂 )  But here goes! Per usuall all shot @f0.95 , isolation is pretty good i think, the pics get that ” Full Frame feel” . I shoot mostly BW so CA is not that much of an issue to me (and its also easy to correct in post) but, in some shots it is really heavy. Could have been a few grams lighter and a few bucks cheaper. thats pretty much all i can whine about this time!

(Awesome lens! Buy it!)



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