Nokton horsing around

nokton-horinsing3 nokton-horsing-2 nokton-horsing-4 nokton-horsing-5 horsing-1Last night we hade some heavy wind come in, our landlords flagpole and our tomatoes couldnt take it anymore.

Today we went horse trailer riding. Scary shits. I DONT trust those animals.

Funny when they yawn though 🙂


All shot wideopen, the horse with the 17.5 and the rest with the 42.5. With the Em-5

When you edit the pics from the Voigtländers you gotto be somewhat carful with the “clarity”. The somewhat  “busy” character of the bokeh in these lenses tend to be more apparent if you (like me)

prefer to push it quite a bit.

Its better to use clairity in selective ways rather then to use it across the entire frame, if you ask me that is…





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